ES820-34  Fortress Vehicle Mesh Point with one 2.4 / 5.8 GHz & one 4.4 GHz Radio

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General Dynamics Mission Systems announces the end-of-sale (EoS) and end-of-life (EoL) of the Fortress ES820 Mesh Point. The date for last time order of the affected products is 29 December 2017. General Dynamics will continue to provide technical Help Desk support and honor all currently active warranty and maintenance agreements. The ES520 and ES820 Mesh Points will be replaced by the ES2440 Mesh Point.

General Dynamics Mission Systems, Inc. ES820-34 Fortress Vehicle Mesh Point with one 2.4 / 5.8 GHz & one 4.4 GHz Radio The Fortress ES820 Vehicle Mesh Point brings secure wireless communications to land and sea vehicles through a self-healing, path-optimizing mesh network. Powered by variable DC power, the ES820 offers FIPS 140-2 compliant security and is upgradable to NSA Suite B algorithms. Delivered in a small and rugged form factor with its size, weight and power specifically tailored for vehicles, the Fortress ES820 functions as both a wireless access point and bridge, and allows for a separate dashmountable control panel. In military operations, when convoys, command centers, UVs, supplies, soldiers and vehicles are brought to an area where there is no reliable communications infrastructure, Fortress Vehicle Mesh Points allow for these distributed assets to connect to the network without the considerations and constraints associated with traditional wired networks. - Low size, weight and power for vehicle installation - Allows mobile assets to seamlessly leave and join the network - Ruggedized for use in harsh environments - Industry leading radio range - FIPS 140-2 validated data encryption - DOD Unified Capabilities Approved Products List

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