RN2404  Fortress eNodeB Base Stations 4W

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Fortress® LTE’s 4G Evolved Node B (eNodeB) base stations are software-defined radios that house both digital baseband and Radio Frequency (RF) circuits in a compact, rugged, mountable enclosure to eliminate external interfaces and reduce installation errors and setup time. A range of eNodeB form factors are offered for different deployment scenarios and support standard 4G LTE band classes and frequency ranges from 400MHz to 6 GHz. The flexibility of the eNodeB provides users with high-speed network coverage to enable voice, video, data, text, and chat. Affordable: Highly scalable and cost effective. Ruggedized: Our eNodeB uses a hardened water and dust proof enclosure allowing for outdoor deployment to ensure communications regardless of the environment. Compact Design: The space saving design is pole and wall mountable, which reduces the time and cost associated with zoning and installation. Remote Management: The Element Management System is responsible for the eNodeB's configuration management, remote monitoring and alarm reporting. LTE 4W eNodeB (RN2404) The Fortress 4W SWaP Evolution eNodeB (RN2404) is a single carrier LTE base station packaged into a compact, rugged, water and dust resistant enclosure. The small size and durability of the eNodeB make it ideal for vehicle mount and man portable LTE systems.

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