Mr. Danny Ammons

COO, Director and Navy Special Operations

Mr. Ammons is an 18-veteran Navy veteran who served in both enlisted and officer ranks with Special Warfare and Expeditionary Forces throughout his career. He has been stationed with multiple teams in Little Creek, VA, Coronado, CA, and Dam Neck, VA. His tours in the military include deployments to Bosnia, Somalia, the only Navy Advisor to 2ndBattalion, 5th and 10th Special Forces Groups in Iraq, Officer-In-Charge of 4 Teams in Africa, Maritime Affairs Officer Africa, and ST1 Golf Platoon Yemen.​

Danny has experience in a wide array of tactical equipment on the battlefield such as night vision devices (scopes & goggles), infra-red aiming devices, thermal optical devices, non-lethal training rounds, non-lethal crowd control devices, and multiple other types of tactical equipment.

Danny has trained and worked with military and law enforcement personnel in 7 different countries and continues to train law enforcement across the United States. Danny is passionate about delivering life-saving training to individual or military/law enforcement personnel that will save their lives in a confrontation. His methods are driven by three elements: reality-based, student-focused, and combat-proven.